Safety Forum Follow-up

From Mrs. Sower:

As a follow-up to the safety forum that was held at Gayton on March 19, 2018, below is an update on some of the suggestions, comments, and concerns.

1. We have established a safety committee under the PTA. Heather Schmidt, is the chairperson of this committee.  The committee met last spring and has met during this summer to discuss ways to enhance and balance a safe and welcoming environment at our school.

2. The PTA funded additional walkie-talkies so now every teacher has one in their classroom.

3.  We created a Gator Aide Squad which is made up of parents who volunteer to assist with guiding visitors during high attendance events.

4.  Signage has been created to assist with high-volume days and school entrance procedures.

5. On Election Day in June, we worked with county officials and the voting office to create a more isolated section of our school to be accessed by voters.

We continue to work on cultivating a culture for all Gators; students, staff, and parents of “see something, say something.”

How can you help?

  • Always have photo ID to show.
  • A volunteer form must be redone every year. One will be sent home in the welcome back packets. Please fill it out and return to your child’s teacher. Additional ones may be picked up in the office.
  • Enter the school one at a time. (Avoid “piggybacking” which is holding the door open for those behind you.) Each person should individually be buzzed in the school.
  • If you would like to be a member of our school’s safety committee and/or be a volunteer for our Gator Squad, please email Heather Schmidt at

Please let me know if you have any questions.  You can also learn more via the county’s crisis brochure for parents (PDF).