School Safety

The Gayton School Safety Committee provides the opportunity to be directly involved in your child’s safety. Members of the committee work in conjunction with the school safety committee and school administration to focus on every day safety aspects at Gayton. Families are encouraged to bring any safety concerns and information about current safety best practices to committee meetings.

For questions or to sign up for the safety committee, email committee chair Heather Schmidt at

The Safety Committee’s purpose is to:

  • maintain and enhance the inviting and safe feel of Gayton Elementary
  • improve communication with parents regarding safety drills and safety concerns
  • serve as a PTA sponsored addition to Gayton’s safety committee focused on school violence prevention
  • provide an environment for parents to discuss safety suggestions and research on current best practices in school safety
  • provide additional safety equipment as needed and requested by the school
  • encourage parent participation in school safety initiatives, like the safety committee and Gator Squad
  • provide any desired assistance from the school regarding safety drills, audits and classroom safety considerations
  • provide information and initiatives that teach skills on dealing with and that foster an atmosphere that prevents bullying

Gator Squad

Become an active supporter of your child’s safety at Gayton by joining our Gator Squad!

Gator Squad members provide an extra set of eyes and ears to the school. As a Gator Squad member, sometimes you will facilitate and direct visitors to their appropriate location while keeping an eye out for safety concerns, including making sure that visitors or volunteers check in at the office. This is a great opportunity to help maintain and enhance the safety of our school. All Gator Squad volunteers are required to have a volunteer form on file in the office.

Opportunities to sign up are listed in MySchoolAnywhere.


For questions or to sign up for the Gator Squad, email committee chair Heather Schmidt at