After School Enrichment

The PTA is offering many exciting after-school enrichment programs during the 2018-19 academic year.


Fall 2018 Enrichment: Mondays, 10/15 – 11/12

Spring 2019 Enrichment: Wednesdays, 2/27 – 3/27

2:40-3:20: Supervised homework and snack time
3:20-4:20: Enrichment programs

Spring 2019 Program

Wednesdays, 2/27 – 3/27


Registration and payment for After School Enrichment is online via the Store on  After you have registered online, please send your completed Enrollment Form (PDF) to school with your child in an envelope marked “After School Enrichment.”

Please read the class description and grade level requirements. 

KG-2nd Grade

Fun and Exciting Activities to Get your Body Moving: $50, presented by Mrs. Wright
You will learn exercises, activities, games, and fun ways to move your body. Many different types of equipment will be used. There will be activities for individuals, partners, and groups. Come on everybody, let’s move!
(Minimum 8 students, Maximum 16)

Science Experiments: $55, presented by Ms. Bluford
Grab your lab coat and safety goggles and spend the afternoon with me! We’ll have fun predicting, making observations, and collecting data while conducting hands-on science experiments.
(Minimum 10 students, Maximum of 15)

3nd-5th Grade

Coding: $45, present by Ms.Conway
Do you love to work with technology, creating animation and video games? Join coding enrichment for an introduction to coding or advancing your coding skills if you already have experience. We will use the Scratch program to create one of a kind animations. This is also a great enrichment if you enjoy problem solving, critical thinking, and collaboration through technology. (Minimum 10 students, Maximum 20)

Paper Folding: Origami Crafts and Paper Airplanes: $50, presented by Ms. Harrell
Improves hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and airplane flying accuracy. Origami is a Japanese art that involves transforming flat paper into a 3-dimensional shape. In doing so you can develop spatial reasoning skills, observation, and fine motor skills. To be successful students need to listen carefully and watch closely to specific instructions and then carry them out with neatness and accuracy. Students will learn to depend on themselves and each other as they learn folding techniques to create a variety of products such as functional boxes, figures, and even airplanes. During the last class we will take some of our creations to the sky to see which designs are most aerodynamic and which ones catch the wind for surprising acrobatics.  (Minimum 10 students, Maximum 20)

3D Printing: $60, presented by Ms. Huff
Come make a small toy that you design using 3D printing software. In this class, you will explore how 3D printing software works and learn how to use it to design a small figure that you will create. Basic computer skills necessary (logging on, using the internet, and using a mouse and/or track pad. (Minimum 10 students, Maximum 12)

4th-5th Grade

Reader’s Theatre: $50, presented by Mrs. Basham
If you are interested in drama and reading skits, sign up for Mrs. Basham’s Reader’s Theatre enrichment class! We will learn how to dramatically read and present for an audience. (Minimum 10 students, Maximum 15)

KG-5th Grade

Cheerleading Squad: $45, presented by Tiffany Christopher and Jodi Donham
Get your pom-poms ready!! Learn simple cheers that can be done at various school events and Gator rallies!! (Minimum 10 students, Maximum 20)

Please Note:

  • You will receive an email confirmation once enrollment forms and payment are received. Online registration will close on Wednesday, Feb. 20.
  • Please send your completed Enrollment Form (PDF) to school with your child in an envelope marked “After School Enrichment.”
  • The cost of the enrichments goes toward funding the programs, which includes staffing and equipment/materials. A portion of your registration will go directly back to the Gayton PTA to support future school endeavors.
  • Financial assistance is available on a limited basis. If you would like to discuss, please contact Ms. Fisher, Gayton School Counselor.
  • Enrichment classes are 5 weeks. There will be no make-up classes in the event of a cancellation due to inclement weather. We must follow the Henrico County Schools’ inclement weather schedule.
  • Students are encouraged to bring a healthy, nut free snack to eat during homework time. Please send a pencil for your child to work on homework assignments.
  • Student pick up instructions will be sent to you after registration/payment is received.
  • If your child is absent due to illness or will not be attending enrichment class for any other reason on a certain day please contact Kelley Yousik at or (631) 707-2552. The safety of your children is most important to us and knowing ahead of time about an absence will make enrichment run that much smoother.


Contact Kelley Yousik at