Volunteer Guidelines

The Gayton PTA and Staff encourage all parents, grandparents and friends to volunteer.

All volunteers must fill out a Henrico County Public Schools (HCPS) Volunteer/Mentor Application and return it to the school for approval before being allowed to volunteer.

When you’re volunteering in school:

  • Report to the office, sign in on the computer and in the binder. Wear the yellow Volunteer ID Badge.

  • When finished volunteering, return to the office and sign out on the computer and binder.

  • Follow school rules, referring to the Henrico County Parent-Student Handbook.

  • Attend any orientation and training, if offered.

  • Notify appropriate person if unable to fulfill scheduled volunteer time.

  • Maintain confidentiality. You will see or hear information regarding a student. If it is information that affects a student’s welfare, it needs to be shared with the teacher, principal, associate principal or school counselor. Information regarding a student should never be discussed outside the school.

View HCPS Volunteer Information and Guidelines