Gator Aides

Gator Aides have a more direct volunteer impact in the school and on a more consistent basis. These volunteer opportunities support the students, school staff and administration.

A huge part of what makes Gayton so awesome are the volunteers! At Gayton, our volunteers are called GATOR AIDES. With a variety of volunteer opportunities, there’s something for everyone. Creating a strong and large volunteer base is vital to the success of Gayton and the PTA. We hope you will consider volunteering your time at Gayton!

Gayton PTA uses Membership Toolkit to manage volunteer sign-ups – signing up is easy!


Volunteer Descriptions

  • Book Room Aide – Our book room holds level reading materials for teachers to check out for their classes. Volunteers are needed to put books back where they belong and find books for teachers, if needed. Time Commitment: Flexible based on volunteer availability; preferred two days a week for 2-3 hours.
  • Instructional Aide – Work one-on-one or in small groups with students to increase reading skills, math skills and/or writing skills. Time Commitment: Varies depending on class schedule and teacher needs.
  • Library Aide – Work in the library organizing materials, preparing books for circulation, re-shelving books, and assisting with special projects as needed. Time Commitment: Flexible based on volunteer availability; preferred 1-2 times per month for 1-3 hours.
  • Lunch Room Aide – Assist students in 1st – 5th grades during their lunch period (Note: Kindergartner lunch duty is scheduled by class and not through this sign-up). Volunteers open containers, hand out utensils and condiments and assist younger students as they learn the rules of the cafeteria (staying in their seats, using quiet voices, prohibit food sharing or trading). Volunteers are also an extra set of eyes and available to assist  should a special situation arise: drills, taking students to the clinic, etc. Volunteers are not responsible for handling discipline issues. Time Commitment: This requires a 40 minute commitment, once or twice a month. There are multiple volunteer shifts each day, which are generally broken up between 10:45 – 12:45. Once you become a lunchroom volunteer, you will receive a link to sign up for the shifts of your choice.
  • Room Parent – One parent per classroom will work with the teacher throughout the year and act as a parent liaison between teacher and parents. Responsibilities vary depending on grade and teacher. You are the main contact for the teacher and will help organize a team of other parents from your classroom to assist in class projects, winter party, and other events as identified by the teacher. Time Commitment: Varies depending on scheduled events. Room Parent Coordinator: Kimberly Clary.
  • Other – Serve as part of a large volunteer bank that can be used by Gayton staff for a variety of events or projects on an as needed basis. Such activities may include: Picture Day, Kindergarten Registration and Career Day.

**All volunteers must fill out and return the HCPS volunteer form, annually.

How do I Volunteer?

  1. Complete the HCPS Volunteer/Mentor Application (PDF) and return it to the front office at school. This form must be on file before you start volunteering.
  2. Read the HCPS Volunteer Guidelines & Requirements.
  3. Browse opportunities, indicate your volunteer interest and sign-up for shifts via Membership Toolkit.

When you come in to school to volunteer, go directly to the front office first. Be sure to bring your driver’s license – you will use it to sign in at the computer. You will receive a sticker to wear while you’re in school.

Please note: HCPS prohibits volunteers from bringing children with them to volunteer in school. Please do not bring younger siblings (even babies!)

For more information

Contact Gator Aide/Volunteer Chair Townsend Hunn at

PTA Reimbursement Form

Download the reimbursement form (PDF) for volunteer expenses.