Gator Giving

Gator Giving is a financial donation where 100% of the funds go back to benefit our school. If you were to choose just one fundraiser to participate in for the school this year, make it this one. All of your money will go to your child’s classroom. No overhead costs, nothing to sell. Your donation is tax deductible (Tax ID 54-1471744).

**Gator Giving contributions DO NOT include your PTA membership, which is just $5. You must add the PTA membership to your cart as a separate item.**

New for the 2018-19: Pie in the Sky!

According to the PTA’s annual survey in 2017-18, Gator Giving is one of the top ways families like to support the school financially, with 65% indicating it was their preferred way, above all other fundraisers.

Of the 285 respondents that took last school year’s survey, almost 73% said that PTA spending priority should focus on directly supporting our teachers in the classroom and with grade-level programming. This was the top priority for how money raised by the PTA should be spent.

Gator Giving has been re-imagined to combine families’ favorite way to give with the cause they most want to support. Money donated to Gator Giving will now directly support teachers in the classroom.

The suggested donation to Gator Giving is $50 per child annually. If $50 was given for every child at Gayton – we would collect roughly $27,000 – or $4,500 per grade. Imagine the possibilities!

We asked our teachers: what would you do if money were no object?

Here are some of their ideas:

  • Enough Kindles so there would be 5-6 per classroom, so our Kindergartners could use them during Centers
  • Fun and cheerful rugs and carpets for our classrooms
  • “Young Scientist” lessons and in-class field trips
  • Instructional assistants for each classroom
  • Flexible seating like bouncy seats, benches, stools and raised desks
  • Document cameras
  • Leveled classroom libraries and high interest, authentic short reads for small group
  • Support for Chrome Books – charging stations, cases and software
  • Funding for teachers to buy online teacher resources to help enhance lessons without recreating the wheel
  • Garden remodel – be moved into the sun and made into an outdoor classroom
  • Make the STEM lab into an organized “maker space” – with the addition of robots and green screen and growing light towers for seedlings to start
  • More petty cash for needed supplies that always come up throughout the year!

New Gator Decals

Display your Gator pride on your ride!

Anyone who makes a gift to Gator Giving receives one of our new Gator decals for their car! The suggested donation is $50 per child at Gayton. The decals are not available for purchase – the only way to get one is to give to Gator Giving!


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