2019-2020 PTA Exec. Board Nominations Open

For the 2019-2020 school year, the positions of VP of Membership, VP of Ways & Means, VP of Communications and Treasurer will be open. If you are interested in serving Gayton in one of these roles or know someone who is, please fill out the 2019-2020 Slate form by March 29, 2019 (the last day before Spring Break). You can nominate someone you know or nominate yourself.

The Gayton PTA welcomes all parents and families to become active in the PTA board. In addition to open executive board positions, the incumbent president will fill many open committee chair positions. Fill out the form below if you would be interested in chairing a committee.

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Open Position Descriptions

VP of Membership

  • Responsible for creating and implementing a membership plan, promoting membership throughout the year, and collecting dues.
  • Responsible for maintaining a list of current members and timely submitting monthly dues to the National and State PTA. Load members into the National/State PTA online database.
  • Attend monthly PTA executive committee/executive board meeting.
  • Responsible for checking in PTA members at General PTA meetings when needed.
  • Administrator for MySchoolAnywhere software. Maintaining family accounts, PTA members, sales (set up and reporting), and sign-ups. Assist users with basic troubleshooting.
  • Oversees the following committees: Volunteer/Gator Aide Coordinator & Room Parents Coordinator. General working knowledge of these areas is helpful. Check in quarterly with committee chairs report back any issues or concerns to the executive committee.

Desirable Skills: Highly organized. Comfortable with computer based membership tracking tool and use of excel spreadsheets. Positive, collaborative person capable of clearly communicating the importance and benefits of PTA membership to parents and teachers.

Time Commitment:  Busy time is August thru October during the focused Membership drive and set-up of MSA. Time commitment is lower November-June, but will vary as program sales/sign ups occur throughout the year.

VP of Ways & Means

  • Plan and execute fundraising to meet budgetary needs.
  • Lead school-wide fundraising initiatives with committee support, including Gator Giving and Sponsorships.
  • Oversight and leadership over fundraising programs led by committee chairs (Box Tops, Carnival, Silent Auction, spirit nights).
  • Attend monthly PTA executive committee/executive board meetings and support of all PTA sponsored events, as able.

Desirable skills: Ability to work well with others, high energy, creative go-getter with excellent planning and organizational skills, results-oriented.  Must be able to multi-task.  

Time Commitment: Higher in beginning of school year and leading up to major fundraising programs.

VP of Communications

  • Send out weekly PTA e-newsletter (Gator Bites) via MailChimp with information about upcoming events or other news relevant to Gayton or the PTA. Stay informed about all activities and reach out to committees to ensure appropriate updates each week.
  • Serve as PTA webmaster and manage the PTA’s website via WordPress. Reach out to committee chairs to update page information, keep the calendar of events updated and current, post meeting minutes and news. Ensure program information is correct and updated so that committee chairs can refer to the website in all communications.
  • Serve as the PTA’s main social media administrator, managing the PTA’s Facebook page. Stay informed about all activities and reach out to committees to ensure appropriate updates each week. Share relevant pictures, HCPS news and updates from school administration.
  • Coordinate the gathering of school and PTA materials and recruit volunteers to create back to school and kindergarten registration packets in August.
  • Send out e-blasts for last minute announcements/reminders when appropriate.
  • Attend monthly executive committee meetings and/or board meetings.
  • Manage or recruit volunteer to update two bulletin boards in the school every month. Content is that month’s PTA programs.
  • Recruit and oversee a group of volunteers who decorate the birthday bulletin board each month in the cafeteria. Create sign-up on MySchoolAnywhere and provide directions and support.
  • Oversees the following committees: Yearbook. Check in quarterly with committee chairs report back any issues or concerns to the executive committee.

Desirable Skills: Highly developed written communications skills; technologically savvy, with specific experience or desire to learn MailChimp and WordPress. Experience in website maintenance. Ability to be responsive to PTA board members and school admin via email/call/text to update website, social media and Gator Bites in a timely manner. Experience managing an organizational Facebook Page and being the “voice” of the PTA on social media. Positive attitude to represent the PTA; ability to work well with others; ability to address issues with care and professionalism; team player; willingness to work with other executive committee and board members in decision making.

Time Commitment: Approximately 2-3 hours per week plus board meeting attendance.


  • Maintain custody of all funds and finances for the PTA.
  • Keep a full and accurate account of receipts and expenditures, including reconciling bank accounts monthly and preparing monthly financial statements for board review.
  • Check mail at school weekly, preparing check requests and other disbursements in accordance with the budget adopted by the general membership.
  • Deposit member dues and fundraising proceeds and manage Corporate Matching as received.
  • Manage PayPal account and transfer funds as appropriate.
  • Partner with fundraiser leads to support various fundraisers with preparation of start-up cash boxes. 
  • Support semi-annual Book Fair by making nightly deposits and reconciling deposited funds to sales reports.
  • Monitor teacher class fund and room parent fund spending to ensure budgeted amounts are not exceeded.
  • Prepare budget and present to Board for approval by General Membership.
  • Prepare an annual financial report at the close of the fiscal year.
  • Have the accounts examined according to the auditing procedures outlined in these bylaws.
  • Timely submission of fiscal year-end audit report to the Virginia PTA state office following the adoption of the audit by the membership.
  • Submit a 990N, 990EZ, or 990 form per IRS regulations and submit copy to the Virginia PTA state office within fifteen days of filing.
  • Timely remittance of dues received for PTA membership to the Virginia PTA and National PTA.
  • Attend monthly PTA executive committee/executive board meetings and support of all PTA sponsored events, as able.

Desirable skills:  Financial skills including knowledge of cash management, accounting, budget preparation, taxation, audit preparation, and bookkeeping leveraging Quick Books software.  This individual must be extremely organized, consistent, trustworthy, and financially savvy.  Also must partner well with others and have flexible availability.

Time commitment: High, but flexible. The majority of this work can be done at home. This role is very involved and continues year round.

Slating and Nomination Process

Executive board members are elected by PTA members through a slating process. The slating process is handled through a nominating committee appointed by the president. The 2019-2020 slate of officers will be voted on during the May 14, 2019 PTA meeting. The slate of officers will be announced at least 30 days prior to the vote via the Gayton PTA website and Gator Bites, in addition to the April 16, 2019 PTA meeting. New officers will begin their roles immediately following the May 14 meeting.

A full description of the slating and voting process, along with official position descriptions, can be reviewed via Gayton PTA’s Bylaws.

2019-2020 Nominating Committee

  • Nicole Perricelli, chair
  • Patty Ayres
  • Laura Barrett
  • Pam Kempf
  • Heather Schmidt